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Our Mission is to be Louisiana’s “Go-To” Source For Louisiana Nonprofits:

We provide high quality information, tools, resources and member benefits that deepen the impact of Louisiana nonprofits.
LANO manages an engaging multi-sector network convening year round to leverage the shared goals and resources of Louisiana’s nonprofits and other stakeholders.
We are the written and spoken voice of advocacy for and about Louisiana’s nonprofit sector.

LANO is a statewide member organization that advocates for the nonprofit community and strengthens the effectiveness of those committed to improving Louisiana. Our purpose is to provide the necessary resources, tools and opportunities for nonprofit organizations to grow in Louisiana. Nonprofits contribute to the community and rely on volunteers (Board of Directors) to govern the organization’s affairs. Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations Board Members serve three years per term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

LANO was founded by the Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL) after extensive planning.

In 1999, LANO separately incorporated and received its 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS. Our Board of Directors represents all sectors of Louisiana’s nonprofit community and every geographic region. LANO is a proud member of the National Council of Nonprofits (NCN). Since 1997, LANO has been a leading provider of nonprofit education and services throughout the state. A unifying voice in support of the nonprofit sector, LANO uses sound business principles and operational efficiency to offer training, advocacy and multiple member services to the state’s nonprofit organizations.

Louisiana’s nonprofit sector remains a major employer and public service provider. The most recent estimate (2004, from CCSS) places the state’s nonprofit workforce at nearly 150,000, a figure likely exceeded by post-Katrina sector growth. Current IRS data show that more than half of Louisiana’s 501(c)(3) public charities provide services in education and healthcare—two uniquely critical needs amid Louisiana’s current fiscal crisis.

Millions of state residents benefit daily from nonprofit charities operating in every parish. The success of the nonprofit model relies on the unmatched commitment, perseverance and generosity of its employees, volunteers, investors and partners.

Nonprofits represent a diverse and powerful labor force that has grown to meet state residents’ increasing needs for social, cultural, educational, healthcare and other services.


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Jill Roshto
Executive Director
Kristian Beatty


LANO Board Members serve three years per term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.
Leigh Anne Chambers, CHAIR

Director of Events Management, Louisiana State University – Shreveport

Jeffrey Koonce, PAST BOARD-CHAIR

Partner, Bernhard Capital Partners, Baton Rouge

Jody Davis, VICE-CHAIR

Business Manager, Deloitte Consulting, New York

Vicki Chisman, TREASURER

Accountant, Lafayette Tax Assessor, Lafayette

Tristi Charpentier, SECRETARY

VP of Strategic Initiatives, Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, Baton Rouge

Craig Broome

President, Highflyer, Baton Rouge

Elizabeth Prescott

Partner, Kean Miller, Baton Rouge

Betty Ward Cooper

Chair School Board, Ouachita Parish School System, Monroe

Joy Huff

Vice President of Missions, CHRISTUS, Lake Charles

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