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Community Leaders Application

    • We always strive to recruit a diverse group of participants.
      Nonprofit organizations need a variety of talent. LANO recruits a diverse class based on skillset. Please check as many of these as apply. 
    • Please list any other skillsets
    • Please select the option which matches your board service experience.
    • If you currently serve on a nonprofit board, or have served on one in the past, please provide LANO feedback regarding your experience. (Example: I have served on a board, but feel there is still so much more to understand about my roles and responsibilities.) 
    • Please list all current and past volunteer experience. (volunteering at a local school, helping serve meals at a shelter, working a registration table at a golf tournament, serving on several committees at my church.) 
    • Please provide details regarding your educational background - field of study - degree.
    • What are your past work experiences and how do you feel these experiences have prepared you to be a nonprofit board member? (Example: I am a finance major and have knowledge about creating and reading budgets. I am an educator and have developed after school curriculum. I have experience in web design, creating marketing materials, or data management.)

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