Sales Manager

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Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Company: Manners of the Heart

Contact Name: Katherine Chenevert

Contact Phone: (225) 383-3235

Contact Email: [email protected]


Reporting directly to the Operations Director, the Sales Manager is responsible for promoting
the mission and message of Manners of the Heart and procuring sales for Manners of the
Heart training programs, products, services, and speaking events.
I. Promote the mission and message of Manners of the Heart
a. Procure sales of Manners of the Heart training programs, products, services and speaking
b. Act as champion for Manners of the Heart products and services by
contacting schools and organizations
II. Establish meetings with potential new schools to discuss Manners of the Heart program and
product offerings using designated marketing materials, sales scripts and talking points
III. Assist with potential new school meetings as necessary
IV. Use effective follow up after meetings (i.e., thank you notes, telephone, email)
V. Implement the sales plan and responsible for the achievement of goals
I. Assist in establishment of the sales plan and goals
II. Responsible for weekly report of sales activity and progress
III. Use in-house CRM program for regular reporting
I. Oversee Ambassadors’ execution of the sales plan, customer service, and reporting
II. Oversight of communication and proposals to new schools from Operations
III. Convey new program, curriculum and product offerings to clients
IV. Make recommendations to Manners of the Heart in regards to improving sales materials and

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