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Managing a search is a cumbersome process which requires organizing the search committee, developing the job description, advertising the position, managing the candidates, assisting the committee with the vetting and interviewing process, developing a salary and benefits package that is competitive, as well as on-boarding the new Executive.  LANO can support the search committee through this process and ease the workload associated with this crucial transition for your nonprofit organization.


Leadership can build a strong nonprofit.  If you are an executive that is new to the nonprofit community or a nonprofit professional recently promoted to an executive position and could use some guidance, LANO can assist.  We offer one-on-one coaching and on-boarding to help you further your potential and develop your leadership capacity.


Prospecting great board members is a role that LANO can facilitate for your nonprofit organization. The process begins with assessing your current board to  identify gaps in skillsets and abilities that need to be filled. LANO leads seminars for your board members on collective board roles and responsibilities, helps plan recruitment events, works with you to plan and facilitate board orientations and planning retreats.


This session is designed for board members, executive directors, and senior staff who are interested in deepening their understanding of nonprofit governance and better aligning the work of the board to heighten board engagement and maximize its impact.  LANO’s governance training will help you understand nonprofit governance and the purpose of a nonprofit board; understand the legal obligations of nonprofit board members; recognize the distinction between governance and management support; distinguish the board’s roles and responsibilities in each functional area; understand the interdependent governance relationship between the ED and the board; identify ideas for strengthening the partnership between the board and staff.


This session is designed to help Board Chairs and Executive Directors look at important meeting agenda items that might be missing from their current calendars. Most of us work from one board meeting to the next with little thought or planning of future meeting conversations.  LANO will cover Board Nominations, Board Evaluation, Slate of Officers and Election of Officers, Meeting Management, Committee Structure, Fiduciary and Legal Responsibilities training, Insurance Review, Approval of 990 before filing, Approval of Annual Budget, and ED Annual Review.


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