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LANO is a statewide member organization that advocates for the nonprofit community and strengthens the effectiveness of those committed to improving Louisiana.


Nonprofit organizations are the core of LANO’s multi-sector network. Like all LANO members, you’ll receive discounts on our trainings, products and services and access to exclusive online content and custom membership directories. Additionally, as a nonprofit organization you’ll be eligible for discounts from partner providers of business products like insurance, office supplies, and more.

*Please do not include in-kind donations in your annual operating budget when determining your membership level. 

Operating Budget Annual Dues
New and Lapsed Members (if you have not renewed your membership since 2018) *Valid Thru 12/31/21 $100
$0 – $250K $150
$251K – $500K $250
$501K & Up $500

*For your convenience, your organization’s operating budget can be found on Part I, Line 12 of your most recent Form 990. You can find a copy of your Form 990 on Guidestar.

Business Partner Membership

Business Partner Type

Business Partners are supporters of Louisiana’s nonprofit sector and essential partners in nonprofit sector sustainability.  All Business Partners receive full discounts on LANO trainings and products and total access to network communications tools.

unaffiliated with a nonprofit or corporate entity

Annual Dues

any municipal or state agency, dept. or office

Annual Dues

any school, dept. or other distinct academic unit

Annual Dues

*Only Business Partner Members are included in Consultant and Preferred Vendor Directories.

Annual Term

LANO membership entitles your organization to all our discounts and member privileges for twelve months. Your membership will be up for renewal on your anniversary date one year after you join.

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