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Frank Hopkins


Leadership Coach

Frank loves working with people and is passionate about relationships, leadership and business. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started and owned multiple businesses. As the founder of Frank Hopkins Coaching LLC, a premier leadership coaching consulting firm working as a trusted advisor, guide, consultant and coach, he works with CEOs and top teams in fulfilling their promise of leadership and developing healthy organizations.

Frank is a master at working with clients to manifest their leadership and organizational potential within the context of achieving business results. His guiding principles in his work are to keep the work practical, relevant, and fast. He has repeatedly partnered with senior executives to bring about business transformation. From start-ups to mature organizations, Frank guides and applies time-proven principles that translate into bottom line results, effective developmental organizations and personal fulfillment. He does this with a focus on total participation and creating cultures where people are committed to investing their discretionary energy, while assuming personal responsibility for the results they produce and living by their values.

During his coaching and consulting career, Frank has worked with executives in a wide variety of industries. His clients include: Dexcomm Answering and Communication Services, Princeton Nurseries, Heritage Ranch, Julie Neill Design, Tanner Autism Services of Colorado, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Edward Jones Financial, Roco Rescue, Ridgeway Farms, CEG Assessments, JCW Productions, Horticultural Materials Systems, Inc, George Koziarz & Associates, Lentz Roofing, John Sherk Consulting, Dixon Smith Interiors, ESA Latin America, Printing Tech of Baton Rouge, APB Films, CFO Source Louisiana, Venture Steel Fabricators, and numerous executives from a variety of businesses ranging from agriculture to banking.

With over thirty years of business experience, Frank is a leader, consultant and entrepreneur and has worked in both internal corporate staff and line positions. Frank has written over three hundred blogs and eBooks.

Frank has education and certifications in the following areas: PCC Accredited with the International Coach Federation, Leadership Circle Profile Certification, Collective Leadership Assessment Certification, Leadership System Certification, Table Group Affiliated, Certified Corporate Team and Leadership Coach, EQi2 Emotional Intelligence Assessment Certification, Founding Member – Leadership and Corporate Coaching Egghead Collaborative, iPEC Certified Professional Coach, Certified

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