The LANO Media Training Guide

The LANO Media Training Guide


From the Training Guide:

“The world of news today is as vibrant as it ever has been, yet challenged in ways that threaten its very foundations. There is more news—actual news either published, broadcast or disseminated via the Internet or smart phones—than ever before.

“The fact is: Virtually anyone with a cell phone, laptop or iPad can become a news consumer, or a reporter. We have seen numerous instances where news ‘coverage’ has been provided by nothing more sophisticated than a video from a cell phone, in virtual real time, as some event has occurred.

“This shift means that news moves more swiftly than ever before, making preparation for potential news events and interviews more critical than ever.”

This training guide by Jay Silverberg, Senior Vice President of Xenophon Strategies, will help you handle media contacts, conduct a successful interview, stay on message and manage crisis communications for your organization.

This document is digital and available for immediate download in PDF.  LANO thanks Xenophon Strategies for providing this guide FREE to LANO General and Associate Members.  Friends of LANO will receive a 50% discount on the non-member price.