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Professional Development Training – REIMBURSABLE! Informative and Interactive!

Posted By David Kiviaho, kiisa Corporation, Monday, January 28, 2019
Updated: Monday, January 28, 2019


 “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them

is not training them and keeping them.” 


Zig Ziglar


Any organization’s bottom line is affected by poor customer service, a lack of appropriate communications, non-engaged employees, the lack of a team environment in the workplace, and not addressing the advancement of employee’s soft skills. So many variables come into play that affect the workplace’s overall health. Many of those variables are in play due to the need for increased employee development.


kiisa corporation provides workplace training, assessments, and curriculum’s that speak directly to the many issues realized in the workplace. kiisa works with thousands of employees in the corporate, non-profit, academic, municipal, healthcare, and retail sectors. Our presentation and facilitation style is innovative, interactive, fun, and performance-based. kiisa focuses on outcomes that are relevant to the organization and its employees. For a complimentary assessment of your training needs simply connect with us to book that assessment.


In addition to kiisa’s standard training pricing services for clients, we also offerReimbursable Training via the Louisiana Incumbent Training Program-Small Business Employee Training (IWTP-SBET). kiisa is a Training Provider for IWTP-SBET. And, yes, this state program will reimburse your training costs at a level of 100% for a full- day training.


Here is what you need to know and to do:


1) Be an organization that has been in business in Louisiana for three years


2) Have 50 or less employees and pay into Unemployment Insurance (UI)/possess a UI number

(visit http://kiisacorporation.com/reimbursable-training-louisiana-businesses-incumbent-worker-training-programsmall-business-employee-training-iwtp-sbet/ for more information)


3) Contact kiisa for an assessment of your training needs (again, kiisa tailors all courses to fit your organizational needs)


So, whether you want to take advantage of the IWTP-SBET Reimbursable Training, or kiisa’s standard pricing services for training, we ask that you think about retaining kiisa corporation to assist you in addressing your workplace training needs.


If your are interested in learning more about the training services of kiisa corporation, please email or visit our website.

At kiisa corporation, “Training Your Staff is Our Business!”




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